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After all, Michael Jackson was a “good father”

at the time of writing, no musician, all over the world, has been known to out-dance ‘beautiful’ Michael Jackson who died on June 25, 2009 at the age of 50. His choreography made the uninformed see him as a magician; some even called him a wizard over his moves.

Even as the “King of Pop”, who reportedly once moon-walked above the music world, was not seen as a saint – many allegations trailed his short life – he was after all a “good father”.

During the week, his mother revealed that he was ‘swimming in drugs’


Until toxicology reports come in, there was no known cause of death for Michael Jackson, in the sense that no one could say what it was that made his heart stop. However, as fans must already be aware, the singer lived on painkillers, it was gathered, as police found an impressive stack of prescription pills and even anesthetics that should not have been administered privately. On this resided the compelling evidence that, indeed, Michael was into heavy drug use.

Aside that most of the doctors that treated the singer at one point in his life are now under investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), with the Coroner’s Office asking them to hand over all medical records, it seems MJ also had a too close relationship with all of them. He shared his house and bedroom with each doctor, at one point or another, and spent more time than was appropriate for a simple doctor-patient relationship, which prompted speculation that Jackson was befriending them, so that he had someone to feed his habit. Remember, there was a time it was rumoured that he was gay.

Moreover, reports later trickled in that MJ had injection marks on his neck and less visible parts of his body as he used to administer Demerol on his own. A doctor who treated him claimed the singer self-injected Demerol into his system.

Said he: “We’ve combed through tens of thousands of pages of the official file for the 2005 molestation trial. In the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s notes, a member of Jackson’s security detail – retired L.A. County Sheriff’s deputy Michael Laperruque – said some doctors were trying to get Jackson off Demerol, and that one of the doctors in Santa Barbara ‘was upset with Jackson because he had been self-injecting’.”

When police following allegations of abuse raided Jackson’s house, it was revealed that the singer was in the habit of scoring painkillers in his staff’s name. Deputies in charge of the raid at the time found not only bottles with other people’s name on them in Jackson’s cabinet, but also medical equipment suggesting that he was feeding his addiction right at home, such as IV (intravenous therapy) stands, needles and vials of powerful drugs. That, combined with the fact that MJ literally had surrounded himself with people willing to please him, including his doctors who reportedly did anything he asked them to, might have eventually led to his untimely death at just 50.

The Jackson family, it is being said, did not know the full extent of Michael’s situation, since he had instructed his doctors to shield him from his brothers and sisters, as he knew they were thinking of staging an intervention, it is said. Because of this, Joe Jackson, Michael’s father, is now telling the media that he’s convinced his death did involve foul play. A homicide police investigation is pending on toxicology results.

Plastic Jackson

Katherine Jackson revealed that her late son, Michael Jackson, was addicted to plastic surgery.

Side effects of the surgeries must have pushed him into drugs.

She told Oprah that her late son – who reportedly died of acute Propofol intoxication – became obsessed with going under the knife because he didn’t want Vitiligo, the skin condition he suffered from, leaving him looking “like a spotted cow”.

Katherine also revealed that the day she heard her son had passed away was the “worst day of her life”, but she doesn’t believe Dr. Murray – who has been charged with the involuntary manslaughter of the singer – is responsible for his death.

Child molestation

People vs. Jackson (full case name: 1133603: The People of the State of California v. Michael Joseph Jackson) was a 2005 trial involving MJ. The accuser was a boy, Gavin Arvizo, who was 13 years old at the time of the alleged crimes. MJ was indicted for four counts of molesting a minor, four counts of intoxicating a minor, one count of abduction, and one count of conspiring to hold the boy and his family captive at his 2,700-acre (11 km2) Neverland Ranch. He denied all counts and asserted that he himself was the victim of a failed extortion attempt. On June 13, 2005, the jury found Jackson not guilty on all charges.

In a Granada Television documentary entitled Living with Michael Jackson, British journalist, Martin Bashir, interviewed Jackson extensively. The film was broadcast in the United Kingdom on February 3, 2003, and in the United States three days later. The boy is shown holding hands with MJ and resting his head on Jackson’s shoulder. At trial, the boy testified that Jackson initiated the hand-holding, but that he had put his head on Jackson’s shoulder because he was “really close to Jackson” and Jackson was his “best friend”. Both he and Jackson testified that they had slept in the same room, but not in the same bed. They also agreed that each had offered to sleep on the floor and let the other have the bed.

Later, the boy complained that he had not realised that the footage would be broadcast all over the world and that, after it aired, he was teased by his friends. His mother stated that she had not given Bashir permission to film her son and was not even aware of it prior to broadcast. MJ stated in the documentary that many children, including Macaulay Culkin, his younger brother, Kieran, and his sisters had slept in Jackson’s bed; all maintained that nothing inappropriate occurred.

Responding to criticisms of the broadcast, Santa Barbara County District Attorney Thomas W. Sneddon Jr. stated that, under California law, the distinction was irrelevant. An adult sleeping in the same bed as a child is not a criminal offense, unless “affirmative, offensive conduct” occurs. Jackson and his aides were indicted for conspiracy to commit child abduction, false imprisonment, and extortion. Some sources were critical of the indictments, believing them to be an attempt to ameliorate PR damage caused by the documentary. Jackson was also indicted for child molestation, based on the accuser’s allegations of events subsequent to the documentary, when he and Jackson had already been friends for several years. One defence to this accusation was that it contradicted logic, i.e., that Jackson would not have molested the accuser after the documentary aired. As his attorney put it:

“The Bashir documentation was aired in the U.S. on February 6, 2003; Gavin Arvizo’s given time frame for the alleged molestations was February 20, 2003 – March 12, 2003. The family was acquainted with Michael Jackson for almost two years, but the alleged victim claimed he was molested after the footage was filmed and at a time ‘the whole world was already watching’.”

…Still, he was good

After every article of creation on earth, in the beginning, God would look at it and say “it’s good”. No matter how bad many may think MJ was, nobody should forget that he was part of the creation God saw that “it’s good”. At least, the closest human beings to him – his children –testified.

When Oprah Winfrey interviewed MJ’s family for the first time since his death, Paris Jackson has one thing she’d like his fans to understand: “what a good father he was.”

MJ’s parents, Katherine Jackson and Joe Jackson, are trying to raise his three children: Prince, Paris and Blanket while coping with the loss of their son.

Now the children are trying to adjust to their new life.

“What they talk about is, ‘Daddy would do this and daddy would do that.’ Or, ‘That’s how Daddy did it,’” Katherine said. “Paris is very emotional. She talks about him all the time. She’s the strong one. All the pictures on her wall in her bedroom are of Michael.”

Now, in Michael’s memory, Katherine has dedicated the new book, Never Can Say Goodbye, to him.

And Micheal’s children are holding on to the memories of their father.

“I kind of felt like no one understood what a good father he was. He was the best cook ever,” Paris, 12, told Oprah. “He was just a normal dad.”

“He made the best French toast in the world,” she explained. “He just made the best breakfasts in the world.”

While both Paris and Prince, 13, said Michael gave them lots of treats, he was also “strict”.

Blanket didn’t speak much during the interview but he did say that Prince “could get away with anything,” but he couldn’t when it came to disciplining.

Prince and Paris also shared their hopes for the future.

“I’d like to be an actress when I’m older,” Paris said. “I sometimes do improv(isation). I used to do it with my dad.”

Prince said he wants to “produce movies and direct.”

Sounds like they could make a good team!

And what do the children miss most about their father?

“Everything,” Paris concluded.

Testimony against Murray

With the MJ manslaughter case slowly gaining momentum, at least one of the King of Pop’s three children is preparing to testify against Dr. Conrad Murray in court, PopEater reports.

This wouldn’t have been if he was not as good as they claimed.

“The Jackson family wants to do what’s best for Michael’s children and understand how traumatic it would be for them to take the stand,” an insider told PopEater. “However, they honestly believe that Dr. Murray is to be blamed for the Michael’s death, and they believe that what the children saw the day he died will prove it.”

Why Blanket?

“Blanket” is the nickname for singer Michael Jackson’s second son, Prince Michael Jackson II. It was explained in the following manner, by the King of Pop himself, in his own words: “It’s an expression I use with my family and my employees. I say, ‘You should blanket me or you should blanket her’, meaning like a blanket is a blessing. It’s a way of showing love and caring.”

Another report said they gave him that nickname because the first time they saw him, was when MJ dangled him from a balcony and his face was covered with a blanket.

http://www.independentngonline.com/Dail ... x?id=23777

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Exclusive: The Inside Story Behind Michael Jackson's Controversial New Song and Album
Joe Vogel.Posted: November 10, 2010 01:28 AM

Since Michael Jackson's untimely death in June of 2009, speculation has run rampant about the music he left behind. How much is there? How finished are the songs? What is the quality of the material? And how and when will it be released?
notorious perfectionist, Jackson always over-recorded. There are at least one hundred songs over the course of his solo career that did not make it onto his major albums. Some of those have already appeared on special editions and collections; others have leaked online in various forms; and many others have never been heard

Povestea din spatele noului cântec controversat al lui Michael Jackson
De la dispariţia prematură a lui Michael Jackson în iunie 2009, speculaţiile au explodat în jurul muzicii lăsate de el în urmă. Cât de finalizate sunt cântecele? Care este calitatea materialelor? Şi, mai ales, cum şi când vor fi lansate?

În timp ce scriam şi mă documentam pentru cartea “Man in the Music: The Creative Life and Work of Michael Jackson” (care va fi lansată în 2011), am fost sufficient de norocos să arunc o privire in profunzimea întregului catalog al lui Michael – inclusiv a muncii în care a fost implicat in ultimii să ani. Sursele mele au lucrat îndeaproape cu Regele Pop, de-a lungul vieţii sale şi mi-au fost de un real şi de încredere ajutor în timpul celor cinci ani în care am lucrat la această carte. Cu toate controversele care tind să înconjoare tot ceea ce este legat de Michael Jackson, e dificil să separi adevărul de fictiune. Dar am nişte convingeri legate de ceea ce am aflat despre materialul care va apărea pe primul album postum, “Michael”.

Fiind un perfecţionist notoriu, Michael a înregistrat întotdeauna mult material, înainte de a decide structura albumelor sale. Există cel puţin o sută de cântece, înregistrate în timpul carierei sale solo, şi care nu au intrat pe albumele sale de studio. Unele dintre ele au apărut deja, în ediţii şi colectii speciale, altele s-au “scurs” online în diferite forme; şi multe altele nu au fost auzite niciodată.

Pe 8 noiembrie 2010, la miezul nopţii, situl MichaelJackson.com a etalat primul cântec oficial din arhivă (cu excepţia demo-ului de pe la începutul anilor ’80, “This is It”, care a fost inclus în filmul cu acelaşi nume). Chiar dinainte de lansare, însă, au apărut controversele privind “Breaking News” şi alte aşa-numite “înregistrări Cascio”. Iar de atunci, discuţiile s-au intensificat.

În mod previzibil, foarte puţin din aceste discuţii se referă la conţinutul noului cântec: viorile excepţionale din intro, refrenul în stil “Off The Wall” sau semnătura lui Jackson – acuzaţiile către o media care se hrăneşte cu “ultimele ştiri” (a se citi: scandaluri), cu tentă obsesiv-compulsivă (“Orice-ar fi/Nu vrei decât să citeşti asta din nou”). Nici nu s-a acordat atenţie muncii depuse de talentatul producător şi prieten de-o viaţă al lui Jackson, Teddy Riley, care a dat cântecului o strălucire proaspătă şi loială.

Ironic este, desigur, felul în care muzica lui Jackson a fost primită timp de zeci de ani, substanţa ei omisă în favoarea senzaţionalismului şi a controverselor menite să zăpăcească publicul. Totuşi, o parte dintre ele i-ar smulge, fără îndoială, un zâmbet celui care a afirmat odata că îşi doreşte să facă din viaţa lui “cel mai mare show din lume”. Cu mult îninte de Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson s-a logodit din punct de vedere artistic, atât cu ispita, cât şi cu monstruozitatea gloriei.

În “Breaking News”, Jackson nu numai că îşi transmite mesajul, dar şi anticipează modul în care el va fi recepţionat. Într-un vers, îi biciuieşte pe cei care sunt nerăbdători “să-i scrie necrologul”. În refren, îşi întreabă ascultătorii, aşa cum a făcut de-a lungul carierei, cum îşi doresc să fie: e el acel monstru la care se gândesc?

Evident, până în 2007 (anul în care a fost înregistrat “Breaking News”), Michael a aflat cât de dăunătoare şi de acaparatoare poate fi viaţa trăită în lumina reflectoarelor. Ultimii doi ani (dinainte de 2007) şi-i trăise ca un vagabond, călătorind din Estul Mijlociu (Bahrain), în zonele rurale din Irlanda, şi apoi într-un castel privat din Las Vegas. Către sfârşitul anului 2007, s-a înfăţişat cu copiii la uşa prietenilor lui de-o viaţă, familia Cascio din Franklin Lakes, New Jersey. Jackson a fost apropiat cu familia Cascio timp de aproape douăzeci de ani. În tot acest timp, ei nu l-au trădat nici măcar odată pentru banii tabloidelor (în ciuda multor oferte), dar i-au arătat loialitate şi i-au oferit o normalitate de care el nu s-a bucurat prea des. În programul funerariilor lui Jackson, familia cascio a fost prezentată ca “prima familie a dragostei”.

Jackson a stat cu familia Cascio aproape patru luni şi, împreună cu Frank Cascio, Eddie (Angel) Cascio şi solistul James Porte (poreclit Bobby Ewing), s-a angajat în cele mai susţinute şedinţe de înregistrări din ultimii ani. Cântecele create în timpul acestor sedinţe – “Breaking News”, “Keep Your Head Up” şi “Monster”, la toate Jackson fiind coautor – sunt aşteptate să apară pe noul album. În timpul şederii în New Jersey, Jackson a înregistrat şi pentru albumul “Thriller 25”, care a apărut în 2008.

În afară de familia Cascio, mai există câteva persoane, apropiate lui Jackson, care aveau cunoştinţă de munca sa din New Jersey. El le-a spus acestor persoane că era entuziasmat în legătură cu ceea ce realiza împreună cu familia Cascio. Portivit lui Frank Dileo, prietenul şi managerul lui, Michael plănuia să aducă echipamentul de înregistrări la Londra, în timpul concertelor de la Arena 02, ca să poată finaliza unele dintre ultimele cântece.

Prima înregistrare care a fost ascultată, dintre cele create cu familia Cascio – “Breaking News” – nu este o manifestare clară a abilitaţilor lui Michael. Cea mai criticată e vocea lui, de veridicitatea căreia chiar unii membri ai familiei sale şi unii fani se îndoiesc. Există motive de înţeles pentru asta. Aceasta nu este, evident, o înregistrare tipică pentru Michael Jackson: nu a avut şedinţe de încălzire a vocii cu Seth Riggs, melodia nu e netezită şi lustruită de Michael, nici nu l-a avut pe Bruse Swedien şi nici cea mai nouă tehnologie de studio din lume, ca să capteze vocea originală. Acesta este un demo, completat în backing de vocea lui James Porte (pentru care primeşte drepturi de autor), şi produs aproape patru ani mai târziu de Teddy Riley.

Pentru Riley, care a început să lucreze cu Jackson la începutul anilor ’90, a fost dificil, din punct de vedere emoţional,să finalizeze munca neterminată a prietenului său. Ca să-l ajute în inspiraţie, Riley s-a înconjurat cu fotografii ale lui Michael. “Acesta a fost singurul lucru care m-a ţinut să nu-mi pierd minţile în timp ce lucram”, a spus Riley. “Pentru că, ştii, s-ar fi auzit în cântec lacrimile mele căzând pe clape”.

Riley a spus că motivaţia sa fundamentală a fost să ducă mai departe moştenirea lăsată de un prieten. El a abordat înregistrările, nu să le înfrumuseţeze, ci doar să le completeze cât de bine putea. Gândul care l-a inspirat a fost: “Ce ar fi dorit Michael?” Chiar a adus cu el sunete înregistrate de Jackson pe vremea când lucrau împreună. Produsul final este, desigur, o aproximaţie. Dar pentru Riley a fost o muncă plină de iubire.

Controversele au început după ce Riley a finalizat melodiile şi trei dintre ele au fost acceptate de Sony pentru album. Nişte indivizi – unii cu intenţii nobile, alţii mai puţin – şi-au exprimat îngrijorările cu privire la autenticitatea vocii lui Michael. Aceste îngrijorări au fost luate în serios de succesorii lui Jackson. Avocatul Howard Weitzman a fost solicitat de coexecutorii testamentari John Branca şi John McClain să conducă o investigaţie care să verifice autenticitatea înregistrărilor Cascio. Succesorii aveau multe de pierdut dacă înregistrările erau frauduloase. De la dispariţia lui Jackson s-au făcut eforturi inteligente de a păstra şi spori moştenirea lăsată de artist, inclusiv documentarul despre cel mai mare concert al tuturor timpurilor {“This Is It”), o nouă colecţie de videoclipuri (“Michael Jackson’s Vision”), un joc video (“Michael Jackson: The Experience”), un spectacol original cu Cirque du Soleil (“Michael Jackson: The Immortal World Tour”) şi cel mai mare contract cu un studio de înregistrări din istoria muzicii pop.

Poate nu mai puţin important, administratorii averii lui Michael Jackson au dat skip la multe afaceri, alegând doar proiectele pe care le pot manageria şi care onorează numele Jackson. A-şi risca credibilitatea, atât faţă de fani, cât şi faţă de critici, pentru câteva înregistrări care pot fi puse la îndoială, ar fi cel puţin o dovadă de nechibzuinţă (la fel şi pentru Sony, care a investit peste 200 milioane $ în proiectele postume ale artistului).

În ciuda relaţiei apropiate cu familia Cascio, succesorii lui Jackson nu au acceptat materialele cu încredere oarbă. Ei au invitat patru dintre specialiştii (ingineri de sunet) cu care Michael a lucrat în ultimii treizeci de ani, trei producători care, la fel, au lucrat cu el (inclusiv Teddy Riley) şi au vorbit cu unul dintre muzicienii cu care a colaborat Michael şi care, de asemenea, a participat la una dintre înregistrările Cascio. Fiecare dintre ei a ascultat versiunile a capella ale înregistrărilor Cascio, fără acompaniament instrumental, aşa incât să-şi poată exprima opinia dacă vocea principală este sau nu a lui Jackson. Toţi au confirmat că vocea este, indubitabil, a lui Michael Jackson. Aceşti ingineri, producători şi muzicieni sunt cu toţii oameni în care Jackson a avut încredere şi ale căror nume sunt foarte cunoscute fanilor lui Michael.

În plus, la cererea lui John Branca şi a lui John McClain, Howard Weitzman a apelat la unul dintre cei mai cunoscuţi muzicologi de investigaţie să asculte vocea a capella şi să o compare cu o altă versiune a capella a unuia dintre cântecele cunoscute ale lui Michael.Acest expert a efectuat analiza acustică utilizând o procedură ştiinţifică obiectivă, şi a atestat că vocea din înregistrare este a lui Michael Jackson.

Sony Music şi-a desfăşurat propriile investigaţii, angajând un alt muzicolog, la fel de respectat, care a comparat spectrul vocal din înregistrările Cascio cu înregistrări despre care se ştie fără niciun dubiu că sunt ale lui Michael şi a ajuns la aceeaşi concluzie: este vocea lui Michael Jackson.

De asemenea, s-a verificat în mod special şi s-a confirmat că vocea din aceste înregistrări nu este a imitatorului Jason Malachi.

Rezultatele acestor investigaţii exhaustive au confirmat convingerile echipei Sony că melodiile prezentate de succesoratul lui Jackson cinţin, toate, vocea autentică a Regelui Pop. Şi astfel s-a luat decizia de a include trei dintre înregisrările Cascio pe albumul “Michael”. Alte înregistrări vor fi incluse pe viitoarele albume care vor conţine materiale nelansate ale artistului.

Chiar dacă nu sunt perfecte – aşa cum niciun material postum nu poate fi – în mod sigur sunt de apreciat. Înregistrările Cascio reprezintă, până la urmă, o parte din ultimele creaţii ale lui Michael Jackson. Nu erau gata să fie lansate – dar nici Michael Jaskcon nu era gata să moară.

“Breaking News”, “Monster”, “Hold My Hand” şi celelalte înregistrări care vor fi incluse în albumul “Michael” sunt, ca şi documentarul “This Is It”, fragmente ale unei viziuni nefinalizate. Nu sunt toate lustruite şi nu au tuşa finală cu care erau obişnuiţi ascultătorii Regelui Pop; dar sunt ale lui, sunt parte din el, şi sunt cântece pe care unii dintre prietenii şi colaboratorii lui Michael au simţit că fanii lui merită să le asculte.

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Michael Jackson's Nephew Threatens to Sue UK Television Station
Posted on Saturday, November 13, 2010 (EST)
Michael Jackson's nephew has threatened UK television company ITV with legal action.


Michael Jackson's nephew has threatened UK television company ITV with legal action. Photo Credit: Newscom

By Charles Thomson

November 13, 2010, (Sawf News) - Michael Jackson's nephew has threatened UK television company ITV with legal action.

Taj Jackson, son of the Thriller singer's older brother Tito, made the threat on his Twitter page after former Sun newspaper editor Kelvin MacKenzie made disparaging comments about Michael Jackson and his children.

Appearing on Tuesday's episode of UK breakfast show 'This Morning', MacKenzie said that he had a "substantial question as to how and why some of [Jackson's] children were born" and added, "the death of Michael Jackson may well have saved some children… from a lifetime of being mentally corrupted."

He further commented, "He's faced a number of charges, a number of allegations, and I in some ways feel that the children will have a better life for their father not being around."

The comments sparked anger amongst Jackson's fans and prompted many to send complaints to ITV and British television regulator OFCOM.

ITV removed the clip from its website on Thursday but has thus far refused to give fans the on-air apology they are demanding. Fans were dealt a further blow on the same day when OFCOM announced that it would not take action over complaints made about MacKenzie's comments.

Taking to his twitter page after OFCOM's announcement, Taj Jackson joined fans in demanding an on-air apology.

After urging his 20,000 followers to complain to ITV he issued the television station with an ultimatum.

He wrote, "If we don't get an on air apology from ITV soon, my next step is legal. The time for bad mouthing & spreading lies about my uncle are OVER."

Jackson's comments prompted fans to bombard the TV station with angry telephone calls and emails the following day. ITV staff told one caller that bosses were 'looking into' the complaints.


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:o :o :o :o ia priviti fetelor ce se intampla prin lume ;)

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