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Unread postPosted: 8. Jul 2010, 10:11 

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Unread postPosted: 13. Sep 2010, 23:09 
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Why Michael needs his privacy


As the huge star and celebrity Michael is, he has all his life struggled with all the attention he got. Walking down the street, looking at windows was not an option, because it required a huge number of security around him.

In the book Moonwalk, Michael in his own words, describes fan crowds as being something of the scariest he ever experienced. They would rip his hair, grab and claw him, and he soon learned that the most important thing to protect was his eyes, for these chicks had nails.

Passing through a fan mob like that, would leave him with scratches, bruises and in physical pain.

Maybe these fans thought that their screaming and clawing attitude was a tribute to Michael, maybe they couldn’t control themselves, but Michael surely was scared to h… by this.

And this went on for his entire life. Not even the years out of the limelight, gave him freedom to walk down the street. Because if it wasn’t the fans, it was the press. Paparazzi’s on a constant look out for a photo worth lots of dollars. Hanging in trees, lamp posts, behind bushes – they were everywhere.

These paparazzi’s did not care about privacy at all. If they could get a picture of Michael in some kind of private situation, their day was saved, because the screaming fan mobs would buy anything with Michael. The paps acted like vultures, ready to make a strike down anywhere, anytime.

Michael’s relationship to the coloured press was something special. Tabloid medias would write just about anything, and they nicknamed him as a freak and portrayed him like that. If he did not provide them with stories, they would invent them themselves.
And no way they ever wrote something positive about him. Take a look at the charity and achievements mentioned elsewhere in this blog, there was so much good stuff to write about, but they never did.

Michael needed some privacy and he bought Neverland Ranch which was a huge place in an isolated location. Since he couldn’t go the park, he created his own. Filled it with magic and fun, and as the good-hearted person he is, he invited sick children to spent time in this magic place. I bet they had a lot of fun there, no screaming fans, no press just a lot of space to be.
But although he lived at Neverland for many years, this would also come to an end. And again it was the press that kept fueling the fire that eventually made him leave Neverland.
Cruel allegations from a few greedy people and the press, who just wouldn’t let this opportunity go unnoticed, finally led to him fleeing Neverland Ranch, after the place was searched and wrecked by some 60 police officers.

In the end Michael was proven innocent by court, but not by the press who kept haunting him with slanderous stories for the rest of his life. And sadly many people just read the headlines and they believe anything in news medias.

Michael left the country for some time, he was many different places and I believe that in some of these places, he actually found some peace. But I don’t think he was happy. Being on the run from medias, who would love to see you torn apart, can not be fun.

He finally returned to USA, lived here and there, still haunted by the press, paparazzi’s and the fans who never let him down.
Walking down the street, looking at windows was still not an option and this had now lasted for at least 40 years.

June 25th 2009 was supposed to be the day he got some peace. But it didn’t really turn out that way for Michael. The media hype around his estate, and all the things that happened in the days before and after June 25th 2009, still eager the press to write their sensational stories.

And the fans? They are still there, still not letting him down. Loving him as much as always.
Some of them are still on the lookout for him, because giving him the peace he so needed is not an option for them. They believe he did this, because he wanted them to find him, and to uncover the rest of his life that the press has not yet revealed. They monitor everything, reports everything in public places like the Internet. Latest they even went to the tabloids to make sure it would get out there. Assuring that there will be no peace for Michael anywhere.

And sadly enough it seems like many of the stories this minor group of fans create, are just something made up. They think of them as clues, but really there are no clues. Just a man who needs some peace. And one more time; all the good things Michael did are once again ignored.

In the end it is the tremendous love for Michael that gave him such a haunted life. Without this great love from his fans, the press really had no reason to chase him like that. Because no matter what, the news stories was written for the fans, who is a huge reader mass for the tabloids.

He loves his fans, no doubt about that, but they scare him too. It was Michael wish to get peace in June 2009, and now the fans needs to give him that.

I actually would like to end this blog with; You owe him that..

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Unread postPosted: 29. Jun 2011, 20:50 

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Asta este pentru cei care inca mai spun ca Michael nu a ajutat copii din Romania.


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